Old Fat Guy Idol

Fundraiser for Susan G. Komen – Chicago


$4200 presented to Susan G Komen – Chicago

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$4200 presented to Susan G Komen – Chicago
Old Fat Guy Idol volunteers present check to Susan G Komen - Dhicago

Keith Kowalewski, Bob Strausberger, Larry Meredith, Lisa Youngdahl, Greg Youngdahl, Jean Deptolla, Chuck Wesenberg, Stephanie Vo from Susan G. Komen – Chicago.

Thanks to all to supported Old Fat Guy Idol 2014. As a result of your donations, we presented $4537 to Susan G. Komen – Chicago.
This was a year of transition for us. We’re fortunate in being able to use our talents to earn donations for a cause in which we all believe. Much consideration was given in choosing a recipient for our fundraiser, and how the event could be improved. We are a small group of unpaid volunteers, and appreciate your support.

Three Old Fat Guys

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What’s better than an Old Fat Guy? How about three Old Fat Guys, singing together. Here’s a quick glimpse of a song they will be performing together this Saturday, September 20, at Old Fat Guy Idol 2014.
The show starts at 7:00; no cover. Just vote for your favorite singer with a donation to Susan G. Komen® – Chicago.

Another talented member of the band

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Another talented member of our band, Keith Kowalewski. Usually a quiet guitar player, listen to his vocals in this Pink Floyd song.

What are they singing about?

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What are they singing about?

WhatCouldTheyBeSingingChuck and Larry look unusually animated during this rehearsal. What could they possibly be singing about? Are they asking for donations for breast cancer programs and research?
Come hear for yourself on September 20, 7:00 pm at Old Fat Guy Idol, Hinckley, IL.
There is no cover for an evening of live music.

Old Fat Guy Idol 2013 – Larry Meredith

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One of the competition songs performed by Larry Meredith at Old Fat Guy Idol 2013, “Get Over It.” Listen to his fans chanting before the song begins!

Basement Tapes 2014 – Chuck Wesenberg

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In addition to the new competition songs, the Old Fat Guys are also bringing back old favorites. Remember Chuck’s great rendition of Tobacco Road a couple of years ago? Hear it again on September 20, at Brown Pub in Hinckley.

Basement Tapes – The Bass Player Can Sing!

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We not only have Old Fat Guys, but there’s a great band! We’re providing a full evening of music on September 20. The band will play an opening set, then back up the Old Fat Guys during the competition. After the winner is announced, the band and the rest of the Old Fat Guys will entertain you throughout the evening. They are donating their talents in hopes that you will make a donation to Susan G. Komen® – Chicago.

Basement Tapes – Bob Strausberger

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Practice, Practice, Practice.
It’s not a matter of showing up and singing. We’ve spent our summer having numerous practices, learning the new songs and rehearsing ones from years past. All for one night of entertainment and to earn donations for Susan G. Komen® – Chicago.
In this video, Bobby rehearses American Girl. Since this is a competition song, we’re only showing a segment. Be there September 20, at Brown Pub, Hinckley, to hear it in its entirety.

Remember This?

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Remember This?
",,,On the Cover of the Rolling Stone."

“,,,On the Cover of the Rolling Stone.”

Lots of unexpected moments occur at Old Fat Guy Idol. Remember the surprise performance by Big George Millspaugh? Remember when this giant Rolling Stones cover featuring the Old Fat Guys appeared? What will happen this year? Who will win the title of Old Fat Guy Idol?

See you on September 20, at Brown Pubt. Same Old Fat Guys, new venue.
Remember all proceeds will go to Susan G. Komen® – Chicago, to fund local breast cancer services and programs, and fund global research.

Four Weeks Away!

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In just four weeks, Old Fat Guy Idol 2014 will be held at Brown Pub in Hinckley.
Don’t miss this annual event. Here’s a video of Chuck singing in 2013, “Not My Cross to Bear.”

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